So, what’s this here book thing about anyhow?

The biggest question I’ve received since I’ve told people about my book is what’s this book about?  Totally understandable.

The thing about writing a book jacket is that you are taking 300+ pages and trying to write a hook.

A hook, you say?

The second thing about writing a book jacket is that you are taking a concept that may not be world-shattering and hoping to get a discerning reader to use their valuable reading time on your book.

At the same time, are the same things that are interesting to me as the writer of a novel interesting to you as a reader?  I think that each of us look for different things in a book.  For me?  I want a touch of romance.  I like stories that explore friendship and family.  I love adventures and bad guys that are interesting.  I don’t mind a story I’ve read a bunch of times before–as long as when I sink into it–I like the character.

Off the top of my head, I can think of 4 retellings of Beauty and the Beast I’ve read (two by the same author!).  And, I’d buy another one tomorrow if it sounded interesting.  Doesn’t every epic fantasy have the same premise?  How many tortured, mopey vampires are we going to meet anyhow?

But you know what? I liked 3 of the 4 Beauty and the Beasts.

So, I’m willing to read yet another vampire novel, yet another mutant power story, yet another witch book because it’s ALL about the character for me.

That being said, I wonder if I can borrow your time and your brains to make my book jacket/ hook the best I can?  I am enclosing some statements about my book.  Would you reply to this post and let me know what you find interesting?  And, what ‘s the most interesting statement to you?

1)  Mina is the 4th of 8 children.

2)  The book begins on the first day of high school.

3)  She lives in a small town on the Oregon Coast.  This town is imaginary and nestled between Cannon Beach (a real town) and Astoria (also a real town).

4) Her mother’s family also lives in this town and that family is huge.  In fact, she has 7 cousins in her grade of school.

5)  Mina has imaginary friends.  They were part of her life when she was little, and they have never gone away.  She is pretty sure she is crazy, bonkers, certifiable, etc.

6)  Mina sees other weird things–not just her imaginary friends.

7)  Mina’s favorite sister, Sarah, is acting funny.

8)  Mina feels lost in her family.

9)  Mina has been bullied throughout middle school.  Due to a boundary issue, Mina spent middle school alone while her cousins and friends went to a different school, so high school will be the first time her family clearly realizes what Mina’s been going through.

10) Mina was friends with a nerdy kid in grade school.  Three years have passed, and Mina is the freak while Max is the popular one.  And yet…Max seems to be inexplicably drawn to Mina.

Thanks in advance for all your help!

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18 thoughts on “So, what’s this here book thing about anyhow?”

  1. # 3 is interesting to me because I live close to there.
    #5 is the most interesting…
    #6 makes me wonder what else is going on with her.

    Happy writing !! 🙂

  2. Amanda! How exciting! Most interesting? Definitley #5, but I am also interested in #3. I can’t wait to read more.

  3. #5 is my favorite. Closely followed by #10. #4, without other details, is confusing. And I agree with you: there may be hundreds of stories with similar premises, but as long as I care about the characters, it’s all good.

  4. Easily #5 and 10. To be honest, the others didn’t hold much interest for me at all. Can’t wait to read it!

  5. Greetings friend! I’d like to hear that Mina, despite being part of large family in a small town, feels completely invisible. Which is ironic, because the only people who pay her any attention are imaginary friends from her childhood. Either that or, Mina fears, she must likely be bonkers–that is certifiably crazy. [Or whatever.] Basically, I think you should be able to include portions of all of them, but #3 and #7 don’t seem incredibly important to the premise at first glance. But you can see the “big” picture so you know best! I’m so excited for your dream coming into fruition Aaa! Loves.

  6. #6 is most interesting in my opinion. It left me wondering more about your book, rather than just summarizing things about it.

    What else does she see?

  7. HMMMM…well let me see….
    I actually like number 4. I guess it just makes me wonder how big the family is. I also really like number 10 and that is the one that Jeremy liked too. I am also kind of intrigued by number 7. Honestly I was excited about all of them! Can’t wait to learn more!

  8. My vote is 5, 6 and 7. They seem to correlate with one another while providing a dash of intrigue and mystery. These options (imo) would provide a nice synopsis for the book . The other options seem like they are details that would be explained throughout the book, but wouldn’t necessarily be a selling points. That’s my two cents!

  9. Hi, Amanda! I’m Jill’s friend…Amanda. Great name by the way. I was so excited that she sent me your link, I’ve been wondering how it is going and pulling for you. I think 5, 6, 7, and 10 would be most likely to get my attention. 10 is my favorite, though. Like you, I enjoy a touch of romance in every story. In fact I think it is absolutely essential. I’m following your posts and really look forward to hearing more and getting to know Mina, who probably feels like a very close friend to you. People walk around in my head all the time, too. I guess I can relate to Mina a little bit, huh?

    1. Thanks for joining in Amanda. I’m excited to have the input of people who don’t know me. Less need to worry about my feelings, etc. Mina definitely lives inside my head. I wish she were real. 🙂

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