Family, Mina


So, I’ve never been much of a Facebook user.  Now that I have a new job, however, I use it sometimes for my work.  Consequently, I catch the updates of people who I rarely keep in touch with.

It’s been lovely.  I haven’t talked to my friend Jill for the longest time.  Yet, she was the dearest friend I had, right when I needed her.  *love you still, Jill* 🙂

Or I catch the updates of my nephew’s mother and my niece Mersaydee–both of whom I haven’t been close too, and I get to love them from afar.  *loves, loves, loves*  Yay, for my niece Mersaydee who makes me smile nearly every day with her quirky little updates.  Yay for Jaxson who has such a caring mother.

I’ve also been thinking about friendship regarding my book.  My main character has been through some hard things.  When she enters high school, she enters a place where she is surrounded by people who she used to spend time with, people she once loved and they fell apart.

So, in a moment of mad research, I looked up some friends I had in high school on the Facebook.  It’s crazy to see the person I remember singing in church now has a CD, or my sister’s friend who lives in France.  Or my friend Katie who went back to school fairly recently.  I see pictures of their children that I didn’t know they had, and I wondered would that friendship just return immediately?  I know I’d love to talk to them again.  I’d love to hear what’s going on with them.  The names of their children….

And then I think… ok, maybe this re-igniting of friendship between Mina and Max is believable.  Phew!

Friends, like family, change the flavor of your life.  Good friends, good family, the assurance I have that I can call Christina and ask her to let my dogs out, or call Taryn and tell her about my bad day, (I can go on and on) just goes to show that I am a lucky individual.  So, yay old friends, yay new, and yay the friends to come.

Just so we’re clear, Mina lives in my head as strongly as some of the friends I now have.  I hope you love her too when you get to meet her.  Figuratively speaking.  Also, I’m a little in love with Max.

Just so I’m not boring visually speaking, here’s a puppy friend:

PS– for all of those who’ve asked about and been bothered by my post about our dog Maddie.  Maddie is doing just fine.  She goes for walks again and recovered from her attack.  We still hate the other owner who could have saved us so much pain, anxiety and money by leashing his dog, but life is good and better with sweet Maddie in it.


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