In case you can’t tell….

I recently read a blog where the author tried to post everyday. Mostly, that’s crazy talk. But I thought I’d give a week a try.

My niece recently asked what people did before Google. My goodness I was in college when I was introduced to Google.


I guess that Google is pretty great. I probably googled 10 things today, for work, for my book, for curiosity.

But you know what really impresses me. Still?! My phone! My lovely wonderful phone! It’s a GPS, a camera, a music player and storer, an instant messenger, a way to google. Oh, and I can call people on it. It’s flippin’ amazing! Yay my phone.

So for a little things I heart section…. These are my favorite APPs:

1) My camera– hands down!
2) The GPS
3) The notepad
4) The constant access to the Internet 5) The thesaurus which I use almost incessantly while writing….

Have a smart phone? What do you use your phone for the most?

Today I woke to my phone alarm. Checked my email while walking my dogs. Texted my mom, sister, and best friend. Including some unnecessary rage for my poor vacationing friend. Played an interactive game with a compete stranger. Played sudoku. Got a picture of a recipe. Took video and photos of my friend’s cat as evidence that Mrs. Pigglewiggle was yet alive. Called my sister to nag her. Thesaurused words I should know synonyms for. Took cute pictures of my dogs further emphasizing my single hood in unfortunate ways. Listened to a podcast of authors who’ve been, you know, published for real. Got pictures from that traveling friend. Oh, and wrote this blog. All on my phone. Phone, you are my sexy Latin lover, and I heart you! I dub you Guillermo, and I’ll always be true…

Don’t pretend. If you have a smart phone, you too sleep with it. Things you spend all night with, every night, that you wake to, that you panic when you cannot find, those things deserve names. Guillermo, my love, time to put you down and get back to the book.



2 thoughts on “In case you can’t tell….”

  1. Gack… it’s been a few weeks since I updated my own blog too. I corrected that, ahd hope to stay on the bandwagon better again. One thing that’s been really helpful for me (when I’ve done it) is when I joined a contest like NaBloPoMo where you commit to post every day for a month. It helps to have a reason to make sure I do one, but it’s surprising how much goes into it, and by the end of the month I’m a bit weary of it, but still quite glad I did it, instead of losing the memories I wouldn’t have written.

    Nice to find your blog now, it’ll be fun to keep in touch 🙂

    1. It is fun! You’ll have to send me your blog address, so I can check it out. My mom told me yesterday to not be “tedious.” Ouch. lol But a week isn’t too crazy, so we’ll see….

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