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Enhanced Ebooks and an Interactive Post. Looking for some thoughts….

Have you heard of these?  These babies apparently come with all sorts of extras including to the novel.  Some of the ones listed were:

  • the trailer for the book
  • a chapter or two in audio
  • hyperlinks to further explain obscure words, etc

What would you be most interested in as an extra?  These are the ones I thought of:

  • art
  • extra short stories
  • back stories
  • maps
  • pseudo encyclopedia entries

What do you think of the whole idea?  Is it crazy?

My character has a fair amount of back story.  Would it be crazy to have it as a hyper link?  Would you rather have it integrated in the story?

Speaking of back story?  Do you hate it?  Did anyone else read the Sweet Valley Twin stories?  Remember that paragraph or two that never changed and was inserted within the first few pages?  I was always… blah, blah, blah.  But what about back story for the novels you read?  Heeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllllllppppppppppppppppppp………………..


Well friends… help me out yeah?



3 thoughts on “Enhanced Ebooks and an Interactive Post. Looking for some thoughts….”

  1. Well, Little Sis …

    I always love maps and art and encyclopedic entries. I like having access to back story but as more story. I am very much enjoying having ebooks. I love having my android books on my devices (phones, tablet AND laptop.). Easy, fun and cheap. Love IT!!

  2. As a Tolkien fan, one of the things I loved about his works was the immense amount of backstory which was there, but just infused into the background, not directly referenced. But you could *feel* it there, giving the background a deep, “real” feeling. And then he threw in appendices full of background information and other extras. So I say bring it on, but don’t force too much exposition in the story itself.

    1. What a great reference…. It’s so true how Lord of the Rings backstory is like a weight directly on the story that adds a level of dimension that is—um, magical. 🙂

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