Mina, These Lying Eyes

Updates on the book hook :) Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks so much to everyone who voted through my blog, Facebook, and Google +.   I counted it up, and the statements are below re-arranged in order of most interesting…

With 15 votes the winner was:

10) Mina was friends with a nerdy kid in grade school.  Three years have passed, and Mina is the freak while Max is the popular one.  And yet…Max seems to be inexplicably drawn to Mina.

The close second at 14 votes was:

5)  Mina has imaginary friends.  They were part of her life when she was little, and they have never gone away.  She is pretty sure she is crazy, bonkers, certifiable, etc.

The rest were as follows:

6)  Mina sees other weird things–not just her imaginary friends.

7)  Mina’s favorite sister, Sarah, is acting funny.

9)  Mina has been bullied throughout middle school.  Due to a boundary issue, Mina spent middle school alone while her cousins and friends went to a different school, so high school will be the first time her family clearly realizes what Mina’s been going through.

3)  She lives in a small town on the Oregon Coast.  This town is imaginary and nestled between Cannon Beach (a real town) and Astoria (also a real town).

2)  The book begins on the first day of high school.

4) Her mother’s family also lives in this town and that family is huge.  In fact, she has 7 cousins in her grade of school.

1)  Mina is the 4th of 8 children.

And with no votes at all, the loser is:

8)  Mina feels lost in her family.


I would say I’ll write a book hook soon, but I have so many different book projects on my plate now, we’ll just have to see.  I want to, if that helps.  I really want to.  I need to double the amount of time in my day.  Right now, the other projects are going as follows:

*My friends Ross at http://www.raw-design.net/ is making my book cover.  It will probably feature one of my nieces as “Mina.” And perhaps the other two who posed as some of what Mina “sees.”

*I have been emailing my good friend Pam’s talented son about a potential book trailer.  We’ll have to see.  I’s a poor folk.  But, it’s definitely percolating.

And The Biggie…………

**************The haunting re-writes…   The endless re-writes.  I hope to post the first chapter of my book for your enjoyment soon.  Mum says to wait until I’m sure the book will be out shortly, so people aren’t irritated by a wait.  You will, of course, be irritated because you will be so sucked in, you won’t be able to wait for the rest….


I’m off to an editing workshop on Saturday. Here’s the info:


Hopefully, it’s amazing, and I learn how to not be lazy at it.  Do you think they teach that there?  *sigh*



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