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Author’s Fair

So, I went to this lovely little church in Milwaukie that was offering an Author & Book Fair & Bake sale. My mom and friend went with me. What was cool about it was that it was so small.

It let me get all up in their business.

I met M.K. Hobson who writes a cool fantasy series. She just let me pry right into her life, her book, her thoughts on editing, her cover art. Basically, I ignored manners, and she offered to answer other questions for me and gave me her email. Isn’t that just amazing?! I heart her face. Plus she has super cool hair. If you’re a fantasy fan, she’s got paperbacks for sale on Amazon and shared George R.R. Martin’s editor.

I also met the owners of Puddletown Publishing. One offered a workshop on editing that was so small I got to ask all kinds of questions. It was pretty sweet. I learned about the editing process, got all nosy with why they chose their ebook prices and learned about ebook distributors. (the big ebook publishing cheese is Amazon with 90% of sales. No real surprise there, but I would have guessed more like 60-70%.)

I also made a trip to Dave’s Killer Bread outlet, Bob’s Red Mill, and Penzy Spices. Those places are well worth the trip. And Dave’s raisin bread rocked my world espec with some Penzy cinnamon sugar on it. Best toast ever….




3 thoughts on “Author’s Fair”

  1. Miwaukie IS one of my favorite places. Love Dave’s Killer Bread. Love Bob’s Red Mill. Wonder what church you were at. Having lived there for a while, I am probably familiar with it. Several times we went to Christmas concerts at local churches in Milwaukie. Love it!!

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