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Do you ever feel like you wandered into an episode of Portlandia?

You’ve probably figured out that I love to try new places to eat.  I especially love new places in Portland as there restaurants kick the pants out of Vancouver’s.  This is truly a foodie town full of funky little places that make amazing food.  Sometimes, however, my utterly normal style stands out like a frickin’ sore thumb.

Today we went to Delta Cafe on Woodstock.

Funky wait staff———- Check!

Dog tied to a post outside———-Check!

RC cola instead of real soda———-Check!  (I’m a firm believer this is to get people to buy booze rather than sodas because RC sucks!

Delish food with at least one careful vegetarian option———-Check!

Several couples ignoring each other for their phones———-Check!

*This time there was a couple reading old fashioned books (awesome!)

Weird decor———-Check!



Honestly, the food was pretty great.  I wouldn’t eat there again, but that’s not a negative review.  But I did have a really hard time finding something to eat.  I just don’t like heavy Southern Food very much.  This is despite my firm love of Pine State Biscuits.  And Pine State Biscuits is just as good, cheaper, and possibly closer to my Vancouver home.  Also, I love biscuits–they’re a comfort food for me unlike po’ boys, chicken fried steak, and mac and cheese.

If you enjoy Southern Food, you should check out Delta Cafe.  Their Corn Fritters were not greasy, had a great crispy outside, delightful crumb, and awesome sauce.  The fried chicken po’ boy I had was really good.  It had a spicy sauce, some not too mayo-y coleslaw, and a great chewy bread.

Anyhow, as for book stuff, I have so much gratitude for all those people helping me along my way.  For my wonderful friends who are providing feedback to a rough work in progress.  I am grateful for the utter faith my family has in me and Mina.  I can’t wait for you all to read These Lying Eyes.  *creepy giggles*

I am on the Vaca this week. Halle-freakin-julah!  This weeks plan is to get as much of my book as possible to the pre-editor stage.  You’ll be hearing from me soon about this, but I’m  planning on running a kickstarter to raise funds to get the book on its way.  What this will mean is that pre-orders of the book and other great prizes will be avialble, and I’ll be able to have an amazing cover, trailer (hopefully) and most importantly a professional editor.  From what I can tell the biggest complaint an average reader has about self-published works is the lack of editing.  This is a complaint I hope to avoid.  I can’t wait for you all to read it and see what I’ve been doing all this time.



4 thoughts on “Do you ever feel like you wandered into an episode of Portlandia?”

  1. You gotta love Portland.

    I love the book idea. I’m actually looking at Kickstarter right now myself to get an electronic gizmo project off the ground. It’s a great crowdsourcing idea.

    The other thing I’d add as an annoyance in self-published books is the typography. It’s often distractingly bad. It pays to spend some time and effort in that direction.

    Good luck!

    1. I’ve just started learning about kickstarter for books, but I’ve been researching the site a lot, and amazing things come about. Check out Steampunk Holmes. What a great plan. Or there’s a monster alphabet book. And web shows etc. I love how it’s a community working together to bring something fun and new about. Can’t wait to see yours!

  2. Loving your blog, but have to admit I was surprised and alarmed to find this glaring grammatical mistake “I especially love new places in Portland as there restaurants kick the pants out of Vancouver’s.” Do you see it? I think I expected more about of you Amanda 🙂

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