Crazy Dog Lady…

You know the crazy cat lady?  I’ve discovered, the more I acknowledge my pure, unadulterated love for my dogs that I have a tendency I would not have expected.  It goes something like this:


First: let me introduce you to my current dog family.  These are my babies:

Senorita Sookie Pants, aka La Princapessa


She was my first baby.  I’d have thought she’d be my favorite.  But alas, she was slightly edged out by my second baby who loves me the most in the whole wide world forcing me to love him just a little bit more.

captain jack

Captain Jack Pants. (Sometimes he lays on top of my head.)


Next door lives my sibling puppies, aka my parents’ dogs.  Maddie Pants and Max Pants

maddiephoto (7)Maddie Pants (Side Note: she just had a boob, but we got it removed.  She swung low before that though.)

maxiepantsMax.  (He’s an evil kung fu ninja dog who can crack nearly any problem if there is people food at the end.)


As, however, Maddie and Max live next door, I have only two dogs.  That’s a normal number of dogs.  My dogs are Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.  The best breed on the planet, and I have two of the four colors.  The tri and the blenheim.  But look how cute the other colors are:

cuter black and tanCavalier-King-Charles-SpanielBlack and Tan


And Wouldn’t It Be Cute if Jack and Sookie Had Friends In The Other Colors? 

Like so:

akll 4Cavalier-King-Charles-SpanielsAnd then I would walk them, and it would be a cute fest all the time.  And people would stop in their tracks and be like–wow, either that’s the cutest thing I ever saw… or perhaps look at that crazy dog lady!


I’M NOT DONE YET.  I said CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!  

I mean if I got more dogs, I’d have a house.  And if I have a house, let’s remember, I’m a single girl.  And as a single girl, I can’t live in a HOUSE all alone and vulnerable, so I’d need a big dog.  A dog to keep me safe and warm and snuggly.

Like so perhaps:

poodle2593550725_6a258a8c8bBut you know, little dogs are friends, but a big dog needs a friend for themselves too.  So they can wrestle, and chase, and not worry about hurting the little buddy.  Like so:


And at this point, I have 6 dogs of my own and 8 if you included my sibling puppies next door.  So, I think I would then qualify as crazy, you know coo coo ca choo crazy.  The only people crazier than me are people who have the pack of killer dogs that eventually eat your face.

Isn’t it lucky then that I can’t afford a house?  Hello future crazy dog lady.  Hopefully when you can afford a house, you can afford a groomer and a maid.



2 thoughts on “Crazy Dog Lady…”

  1. There is nothing wrong with that. I would have a ton of cats (and some dogs too) if Brandon would let me. Brandon already knows that if he dies first he will be replaced by his weight in cats.

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