My name is Amanda, and I have an addiction…

You know for a Mormon girl; I kinda have a stupid number of addictions.  There’s this one:

dr. pepper images

I prefer the full sugar version to be even MORE unhealthy.

And I am addicted to this:


And, I have *such* a foul mouth.

But I also have this one:


Are you addicted to YouTube too?

Oh my gosh!

Have you seen The Lizzie Bennett Diaries, the vlog Brothers, the many, many interviews of  J.K. Rowling and Neil Gaiman, or the StoryBoard with Patrick Rothfuss?  Have you seen, read, listened to hitRECord?  I am so in love with hitRECord.  In fact, I want these things:

riding hood hr_2012_lrrh4

I want this for Christmas if anyone is listening.  🙂  Here’s a link to make it easier…

While you’re there, I’d be ok with this one too:


Just kidding.  (Not really)  But you guys should check this stuff out.  A YouTube version of Pride and Prejudice?  Fun!  Funner with the hot, hot Darcy.  And hitRECord is a new passion for me, but I love it so much.

Anyhoo, YouTube is a surprise to me.  I started watching because my coworkers sent me funny, dirty little videos.  And then I found real art.  Real, beautiful, clever, talented art.  It makes me want to be a different kind of artist.  Not just a writer, but a tuber.  I want to be a youtuber and be as clever, witty, and talented as these people.  I also want to play several instruments, paint lovely paintings, have a diary with pencil sketches.

… Maybe Someday…


PS I didn’t bother to mention books.  But yes, I’m addicted to those too.


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