These Lying Eyes

My book: These Lying Eyes


I took two weeks of vacation in order to prep my book for an editor.  You noticed the “alas” I presume.  It isn’t so bad as that…no worries.  So, where am I ?  Basically it goes like this:

1) I have a full-time job

2) I have two foster children, ages 1 and 2

3) I have been writing a book

4) I am considering, very seriously, switching programs I foster through–and am hence facing further home “studies.”  (Highly stressful as I have a fair amount of crazy German cleaner in me.  Normally, yes, I’m messy, but I can’t just stuff things in a closet and move on; I have to clean, clean.  Y’know?)

As you can imagine, my stress level is high.  But I am DETERMINED.  🙂  Determined, hopeful, and not giving up.  Not today, not ever.  This seems like a big preface to telling you I failed, but I don’t feel like I failed–I feel like I’m in a good spot.  Right now, I’m reading the full manuscript through.  I am debating having a friend give it another quick read through or just turning it in.  Either way, I am DARN, SUPER, INCREDIBLY close.



p.s. don’t worry–i’ve stocked up on all i need to get through (except sanity)

p.p.s. (I was going to insert a photo of my dr. pepper 24 pack. unfortunately, i can’t get it to work.  imagine it covered in rainbows and unicorn kisses



2 thoughts on “My book: These Lying Eyes”

  1. Good luck on everything. And since you don’t need anything but sanity, how about I’ll just send some heartfelt prayers your way?

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