Lady de Winter

You bore me.  The end.


Ok, not the end.


Plowing through The Three Musketeers…  It could have benefited from the modern editing that ended in axing a bunch of boring stuff.  Don’t hate me.  This, my friends, is an honest review.  Which, btw, I imagine these book posts are read only by me.  So, self, take a note.  Lady de Winter really needs to go ahead and kill herself like she keeps threatening.  It could be the reader’s voice (for I am listening to the audiobook).  Either way, the voice is not the best for a lady.  But either way, Lady de Winter, you bore me.


~ Amanda


7 thoughts on “Lady de Winter”

      1. I try to read TCoMC at least once a year. Every time I do I recall that I really love that book. It is a great story and it continues to remind me what a good book should read like.

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