Yay Me…

I just want to point out that I made my book goal for 2, TWO, 2 months.  Also, I’ve made yogurt.  Someday I might blog about it.  My resolutions are doing AWESOME.  For 23 days in.  tee hee


Every little thing is worth celebrating.  Also, I have a secret shhhhhh book goal.  The one where I read a second book that month (listen to it on Audible).  It’s secret cause I’m not holding myself up to it.  I recognize it probably won’t happen every time.  But regardless…This month’s second pick is.




Moll Flanders.

Exciting, yeah?  Ok, I know it’s not.  I mean…it’s Moll Flanders.  I don’t even know what it’s about.  I’m guessing a chick named Moll.

Maybe this chick:

moll flandersl_58905_889d5d00

Want to read/ listen with me?  As I write this, I don’t even know who wrote it.  I’m lazy enough to figure that out later.

All right, Moll here it comes.


ps.  well this was just a lazy post.  hold please, i’m going to plagiarize a description of good old Moll.  (Plagiarize is a hard word to spell.  Who knew?)

Anyhow, here it is:

Moll Flanders tells the story of an eighteenth century woman who takes fate into her own hands by developing his skills as a thief and con artist. Traveling back and forth between England and the United States (or from one con to another), Moll’s story rejects the antiquated notion of female dependence and demonstrates the full potential of a woman’s endurance and autonomy. (That’s from Amazon.  I don’t know where they got it.)

Sounds fun.  Shoulda started with this one.

Also, turns out Moll is by Daniel Defoe.  I guess I’ll learn a little something about him over the next few days.  Not a lot.  A little.


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