D-d-d-d-d-daniel Defoe…

So, what have we learned about writers so far?

We’ve learned that Trollope was a machine (evidenced by his huge number of books), and that he wrote a specific amount every day.  Bravo, Trollope.  As an aspiring writer, I know how hard that is.  I assume your lack of a smart phone, the internet,  you tube, and such contributed to your ability to make this happen.  Also, your wife was totally the one taking care of your tots.  Plus, I bet you had servants.  Jerk.


And speaking of jerks.  Dumas, you employed a writing team, took the credit, and I assume most of the money.  Who are you? Other than a player, a soldier, and lets be honest–a whore?


Defoe what are you going to tell us?  I like that your story is set in both the states and England.  That’s fun.  But you know what’s fun-ner?  Even more fun?  Super, duper fun?  You, sir, were a spy.  A spy.  A novelist.  Why are these people SOOOOO much cooler than me?  He too wrote a bunch of books, pamphlets, etc.  He was prolific in his writing.  Oh, and did you get he was a SPY?  Plus, dudes, he was one of the founders of the English Novel.

Shut up.  Shut up, Defoe, Shut up.


Not only was he a spy, the dude who wrote Robinson Crusoe, but he rocked this wig.  Yeah he did.

There’s a bunch of stuff to know about Defoe.  But you know what I like best?  He added the “de” to his name to sound more upper-classy.  And, in addition to rocking that wig, he totally rocked the self-made man world.

But in England.

In the 1700s.

With Presbyterian dissenter parents, which was not something easy to shrug off.

Dude, Defoe, you are the coolest.

Also, your wig puts a song in my heart.


ps just kidding Anthony Trollope, you aren’t a jerk.  I heart you, buddy.

pps i’m like 15% into Moll.  Kinda hearting it.  Moll, you minx.


2 thoughts on “D-d-d-d-d-daniel Defoe…”

  1. So you are saying his name before he changed it; the guy who was a spy; was ‘Foe’. Weird. And he added the ‘de’ which usually means ‘the’; so he changed his name from ‘Foe’ to ‘The Foe’. Yea that sounds more upper-classy.

    Who was he a spy for and against? Was he English and was he spying on the US. Or was he American and was spying on England? Just wondering out loud.

  2. Like Lady de Winter, my friend, Like Lady de Winter. He was a spy for England against Scotland. And, we weren’t a country then. In the early 1700s, we were just another colony. Perhaps you weren’t aware? hahahahahahah

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