noun Slang.

gun moll.
Archaic. a woman of loose morals
You can tell she’s a Moll.  Her chest is flashing.
Why is it that whore or moll or etc are generally considered female?  Let’s be real.  Men are whores too.   You know what term I really object to?  Man-whore.  As though you need to differentiate by sex.  i.e. whores are women.  but some men are kinda like those women of loose morals.

4 thoughts on “Moll”

    1. It’s not as though this is a new rant for me. Man-whore is a term denigrating to women, and we should just acknowledge that some people, regardless of their sex, are loose. But I am totally loving this book. I’m about 10-15% through it.

  1. Amanda you have encoraged to maych your readings-since I read the three Muskteers with in the last year i’ll start with Moll. which I did read as a soph. in college–I remember Moll as a woman with loose morals–Dad

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