Bucket List

So, I recently read Just One Day by Gayle Foreman. Though it wasn’t my favorite book, and I didn’t really buy the character Wren, she is pursuing a bucket list while she is young and healthy. Why? Because once you are on your death bed it is too late. And as I read this, hormone bomb that I was at that time, I choked up a bit and wondered what I would put on my list.

And then I realized, I have no desire to see paintings of a specific artist, or to roll in a field or tulips, or to cobble my own shoes like Wren. I don’t really have complicated desires.

My wishes, my REAL ones, are really rather simple: I want to have my own family, I want to write and read good books, and I want to continue in my faith, continue to enjoy my friends, and continue to enjoy my life.

But those are–not boring–but not like Wren’s desire to roll down a hill of tulips. So, here are the more frivolous things that come to mind.

1) Live in Europe for a while. Maybe a year? Wouldn’t that be lovely? I want to go all over the world. But wherever these places are, they are high on the list:





I don’t want to go without my dogs though. Can you take your pets to Europe?prettybaby

captain jack

Who could leave these precious babies behind?

2.) I want to ride a train like they did in old school days. Maybe the old sleeper cars through beautiful countryside. To Niagara Falls–maybe? With some hot guy–maybe? This is a lovely plan. Sold!

3.) I want to go to a Harvey’s Seatbelt bag release party, probably at Disney since I consistently love those bags.


*This is the bag I want right now. There always seems to be at least one on my list. But, have you heard? They’re coming out with Princess vs. Villains bag next month. Shut the front door! ps on this side note, I said that in front of FiestyPants, my two-year-old foster daughter, the other day. She walked over to the front door, opened it, peered around, and then slammed it.

Kids, they’re awesome!*

4.) I want to stay in the Empress Hotel in Victoria B.C.

Empress Hotel - Victoria

With my mom, we’ll have tea, and maybe ride a boat while we’re up there. I sense a spa day as well.

5.) I want to go up in a hot air balloon.


6.) I want to see a play I love on Broadway. Like maybe this one:


7.) I want to go to Disneyland or Disneyworld for Halloween. (We’re talking frivolous people.)

8.) I want to stay in the Florida Keys, the Canary Islands, the south of France, and Claire Country Ireland for an extended while. *they just sound lovely and i’ve been entranced by books set in those places*

9.) I don’t know, okay, I just DON’T know. Shut up.*

10.) I want to lay books that I have written all over my bed and roll around in them. 🙂 Should I ever do this, I will post you a picture.


*i lied. I’m just not telling you. So there!


2 thoughts on “Bucket List”

  1. Ooh…the Empress. I love Victoria! I have not stayed there but I did have high tea with my mom and grandmother. It was fun but I almost at the $170 price tag. Although, for a bucket list item that’s not such a high price. Their little finger sandwiches were delightful. And I think I had the peach herbal tea. With honey. Lots and lots of honey…because that is how I roll. (-;

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