Dad, I was just kidding…


Since you’re mostly the only one reading these books, I’m really only teasing you.  But even still Thomas Hardy.  You make me smile.

This is why:


Ok, it’s the mustache.  Isn’t it fantastic?  It’s kinda a challenge

to Defoe’s wig.


I’m pretty sure I grabbed this book cheap through audible because I’d heard Thomas Hardy over and over again in lit classes.  I can’t really think of any other reason to get a book about a country choir.  If I’m recalling right, he’s the dude who really influenced major writers like George Eliot.  Anyhoo, looking up random thoughts about him there is another reason he makes me smile.  Grin really.

Giggle a little bit.

He’s the source of the term cliff-hanger.  Why you ask?  Oh, cause he literally left a dude hanging on a cliff.  Sold Thomas Hardy sold.  After…

Oh did you want to know the name of the book?


Are you sure?


Really and truly?


Ok, ok… After Under the Greenwood Tree I may just look up A Pair of Blue Eyes so I can experience the first cliff-hanger in addition to having experienced the first time a dude walked off into the sunset.

Anyhoo, it’s possible Under the Greenwood Tree was a poor choice for ole’ Thomas Hardy.  He’s known for several other books instead.  Generally, I find the books these dead dudes are known for are the ones most likely to be good.


ps I talked to another friend regarding The Three Musketeers.  She said she loved it when she first read it, went to re-read it and couldn’t plow thorugh?  Why?  It turns out she read the abridged version the first time through.  So read that one if you’re considering adventuring with the earliest of adventurers–The Musketeers.

pps also look!  I figured out how to do a poll.  it’s like i’m all for real now.

pps  This is the shshhhhhh secret book selection for February.  It isn’t February, yet so….whatever.  I do what I want.


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