For my single friends…


In fact that deserves some of these:


Plus there’s this

We could be this, in a couple and happy.


You can tell they’re happy because of the books.  It’s true love people.

But coming next in the realm of relationships are the happy single people.

Enjoying the sun

This is a girl who shaves her legs when she wants, buys what she wants, goes to France with her best friend, eats cheese and crackers for dinner, watches Anne of Green Gables over and over again, has a tiny dog who sometimes sleeps on her head, maybe has every film version of Pride and Prejudice ever, and knows how great she is.  You can tell, cause her dress is awesome.

In fact, I think many of my friends would choose option two rather than one.  I might not be in that number, but I’m super cool with being option 2.  It’s better than 3 and 4 below.

single_womanThis woman clearly needs a book.  Probably mine.

Her lot isn’t the worst thought.  The worst is this:


Aren’t you glad you aren’t them?  Wouldn’t you rather be any of the others?  

In fact, what a blessing to not be in a bad relationship.  Right now, single people, your valentine might be a call from your mom or a balloon from your dad, but that’s so, so, so much better than being linked to a jack-hole.

If you, like me, have heard the term “too picky,” me and my other well-balanced, happy single friends scoff in the speaker of that terms general direction.  When a person is discussing a lifetime of happiness or an eternity if you’re Mormon, like me, there is NO SUCH THING AS TOO PICKY.


I hope that you buy yourself something amazing and revel in your freedom today.  Here’s what I bought myself:


And this:


That’s my new Kindle eInk eReader.  Isn’t the case pretty?

Turns out being your own valentine, gets you exactly what you want.  AND, I’m spoiled.

Anyhoo, I generally recommend being your own valentine gift wise, in a couple or not.  That way you don’t get mad when someone forgets.  I hope you get yourself roses, or chocolate, or a pretty new bag, or a new video game.  I’ll be adding to my own haul a cool cold Dr. Pepper, plus I have some of those Trader Joe’s caramels   Have a wonderful day remembering how happy you can be if only you choose to be.


ps In Framley Parsonage, ***spoiler*** when Dr. Thorne and Miss Dunstable finally hook up, he writes her a practical love letter.  In it, he essentially invites her to be his wife based on the idea that they would be HAPPIER TOGETHER.  And that, my friends, is the key.  Would you be happier with this person that alone?  If not, whether you love the other person or not, whether you think you could love them, whether you’re in so much lust you can’t see straight–if you’re pretty sure the answer to that question is “No” then you aren’t being picky, you’re just being smart.


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