Sometimes we just like stuff…

Profound right?

But sometimes we just like deep fried brussel sprouts with sherry vinegar.  Maybe those doesn’t strike you as something that’s like, “oooh yum.”  But, regardless, you like it.

Sometimes you just like a person.  There doesn’t even need to be a reason.

I love the Mummy movies.  The first two, anyhoo.  With Brenden Fraser and that chick who’s stupidly pretty.   I know they aren’t classics, but I love to watch them.  Ditto to Lara Croft.



Sometimes you just like stuff.

A few years ago, Georgette Heyer’s The Grand Sophy showed up on some book list, and I thought “mmmmaybe.”  Then I saw she had like 50 books, and I thought, “55 Books!  Yes, I’m trying her!”  Because, after all, if you love an author’s book and she has 54 more to go, it’s Christmas and your birthday all wrapped up.  And for me, it was exactly that.  (For my mom too.)  To my surprise, however, the books I really loved were her mysteries.  Especially this one:



This book is….


Really, really, really funny.  I’ve read it three times during a time period where my reading is much less than normal.

But you know what else I like?  Other mysteries written in the 20s, 30s, and 40s.  I like to see how they talked. I like to see how they worked.  I like to see how they lived and what they wore and what the expectations were regarding dating and servants, how they solved anything without advanced forensics or kept track of each other without cell phones.  Goodness!

Have you read the Mr. and Mrs. North mysteries?  Or the Bulldog Drummond ones?  Or Dorthy FREAKING L. Sayers?  They’re all fun. I like the ones that are less puzzle and more lifestyle though if they have both, awesome.

Because, sometimes, you just like stuff.



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