I have a bad case of the crazies…


That’s what it’s like inside my head.

To my surprise, I’m a whiny, scared, baby, crazy person, can’t sleep, weirdo-pants.

Maybe that’s why you love me.

Why am I crazy?  Oh a totally normal thing, lining up an editor for my book.  But this isn’t a surprise anymore.  The super crazy came out when I was getting beta reads back, or reading my book through, or typing “The End,” or letting that first person read my book.

And each and every time, I was that lady up there, inside my head, losing my marbles.

I guess when I really want something- the words inside my head look like this:


Oh does that not look like words?  That’s because I can’t form any sounds outside of my anxiety shrieking.

Anyhoo, These Lying Eyes is going to an editor.  Hopefully an amazing one.  This Betraying Flesh is about 1/4 of the way into drafts, and a sneaky side book has three chapters so far.

Maybe some day, my crazy will go into decline.  But that’s not something I anticipate anytime soon.  *sad face*



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