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Writing is like birthing a baby…

I wouldn’t know anything about that, but I saw it twice online today.  At different websites, even!  So it MUST be true.


sleep baby images


somehow = this:

gaiman ocean images


I don’t know about that whole birth thing.  But this I do know, bringing this book along the publishing road brings the crazies out in me something fierce.  (I believe I’ve told you this before.  If you’re on my texting cue, you really don’t need to know it again.)

Right now I’m trying to choose an editor.  That elusive shepherd that coaxes my book into the world.  Or something.  I’ve never been professionally edited.  So what do I know?


But the only thing about this all that I am sure of is that I want my baby to born in the pretty little chateau, with a handsome doctor, a nurse in a starched dress and kinda a lot of drugs.



One of these ladies.  But speaking of drugs, honestly, I think I need some anxiety meds.  I’d consider pot brownies if it weren’t for that whole Mormon thing.


ps check out Auburn’s first post over on




1 thought on “Writing is like birthing a baby…”

  1. So…an editor is kinda like a midwife…you have to be willing to be totally vulnerable and trust that at the end if the day the baby will come out safe (and hopefully cute) and you will feel like a strong, empowered genius at the end. That about right?

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