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Um, my book is at the editor…

At the editor…



Sure that’s a roller coaster.  Like roller coasters and tornados, I find having my book at the editor is terrifying.  My editor is this professional, talented woman, and she is looking over These Lying Eyes which I’ve been working on for years.  She’s looking at it, judging it, and making (I hope) valuable feedback.


My editor is Tamson Weston.  She’s got all kinds of lovely experience was recommended to me, and I’m all kinds of anxious.

But the good news is I’m distracted.

FiestyPants and BoyBlue, my foster kids, have a new buddy.  I call her TinyPants, she’s a month old today, and I’ll be her sometimes-mom for now.  She’s beautiful and happily distracting.  So, instead of dwelling on my talented editor, I’m dwelling on whether TinyPants will end up as a long-term member of my family, whether she’s comfortable, whether I should drink another Dr. Pepper after having gotten up 4 times the previous night, and whether a new cycle of love and loss and foster parenting will leave me a broken wreck.

So, you know…cheers!


ps  — I’m happy to have all three of them.  Love enriches your life whether its painful in the end or not.




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