Framley Parsonage! I finished it.

Except wait.  I finished that a while ago.

I kept forgetting I was actually reading The Small House at Allington.  

Does that mean the Small House is boring?

small house

Not really.  I enjoyed it.  About equally with Framley Parsonage.  I guess I’d say that Small House is lovely.  There were several times when I laughed out loud.  Trollope’s writing style is friendly as if an old buddy is telling you a story.  Though I really enjoyed it, Barchester Towers and Doctor Thorne were funnier.

Anyhoo, completely recommended.  And, I’m gonna jump right into The Last Chronicle of Barset.  I’ve enjoyed each of the books; I look forward to rounding out the series, and I may even revisit them some day.  There’s a high chance I’ll stroll down the Barchester Towers and Doctor Thorne’s lanes again.

Go on, give Trollope a try.  After all.  He has an epic beard.


Doesn’t it remind you a little of Patrick Rothfuss?
patrick rothfuss

Bravo Mr. Rothfuss for bringing back Trollopian face-hair.



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