The Scarlet Pimpernel Review–yes already. I inhaled this book.


So, you know from yesterday I was enjoying it.  And so I did.  There were but two moments where I had to pull a WTHeck?


Marguerite St. Just is now Lady Blakeney.  She’s described as incredibly intelligent and also incredibly beautiful. Even at the wedding of another at the end of the book, she is described at the most beautiful lady there.  And yet, what is the descriptive word used so often with her?  Childlike.

Honestly, ew!

I can buy that she’s lovely.  But, it creeps me the creepster out to have the woman everyone is lusting after described as childlike.

Ew, again.

This is a little girl:

pretty childimages

Admittedly she’s lovely.  And she’s dolled up with blush and lip gloss.

This is a pretty woman:


I searched for Marguerite St. Just and this lady came up.  She’s certainly lovely too.  The thing is–one is reasonable to “lust” after.  And one is not.

But, then again, childlike is a word, and this was a great book.  Is it worth getting all up in arms over the use of an adjective when so much else about the book is admirable?  Probably not.



So, Percy Blakeney marries Marguerite St. Just.  The day after their wedding they have a falling out.  In this falling out, Percy especially is still infatuated with his wife.  Lady Blakeney has to re-awaken to her love later.  But regardless, there’s this quiet moment between the two of them.  Then she leaves, and he KISSES THE GROUND WHERE HER FEET TOUCHED.  I mean, gosh, he’s the Scarlet Pimpernel.  He saves with his trickster ways aristos from the guillotine.  He’s clever and funny and playing a part perfectly.  Is it romantic to have someone kiss the ground where your foot trod?  I was more like, “Huh, that’s gross.”  I mean, don’t kiss me with those floor licking lips, you know?

******END SPOILERS*****

These points, however, are petty.  I gobbled this book up.  And I ALREADY bought the next one.  I’m listening to it today actually.  So, two small quibbles aside, I completely recommend it.  In fact, I googled other blog reviews and found one where the blogwriter said she liked it MORE than Pride and Prejudice.  That’s obviously sacrilege.  Crazy town.  Etc.  But did I love it a whole lot?



Was it so much fun?


Am I going to read the rest of the series?

Yes, 1000 times, yes.  Also, probably everything written by Baroness Orczy.  Eventually, anyhoo.

4.5 stars.  I had to minus .5 for the creepy child-lust and the floor licking.


PS — pastelninja is reading the pimpernel.  Her review to come.


1 thought on “The Scarlet Pimpernel Review–yes already. I inhaled this book.”

  1. This an insight to a mans mind. A woman who I loved so deeply … i can understand and appreciate kissing the ground where her feet trod. It makes sense to me.

    Jim Gaffigan tells the story of showing your wife that you love her more than she loves you by asking her if you had lost both arms would your spouse pick your nose for you. Typically the wife wont but the guy will.

    Guys see acts of love differently than women do.

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