Family, Foster Parenting, These Lying Eyes


I’m going to start by saying that I know this is stupid to say.  But truthfully, I’m kinda getting bored with Huck’s adventures.

huckI think it’s partially that I’m just really tired right now.  Plus if there were ever a novel about foster parenting this is it.  And I’m kind of emotionally exhausted, so maybe this isn’t the best time for me to trod the road of child abuse.

Do you want to know why kids are taken from their parents?  Because too often, their parents are like Pap.  Drunk a-holes who think beating their kids and subjugating them is acceptable because they’re sitting on the throne of “parenthood.”

Now, that being said, bravo Mark Twain for emphasizing and illustrating the plight of a child under the thumb of abusive parents before such a thing as foster care existed.  I also love how in taking Huck down the road of whether it’s “right” to help free a slave; he’s illustrating the plight of a slave.  Again, bravo Mark Twain for being far, far ahead of your time.

That being said…I think I’d like this book better if it were over.  I’m about 1/2 through.  It feels as though that half the length of this book would have been a better length.  I’ll absolutely finish, but these adventures are stretching my credulity.  And I have a massive ability to sink into a story and let it take me for a ride.  Even so, I think it’s more “me” than “Huck.”

Sometimes whether I love a book isn’t about the story, the writing, or the characters.  It’s about my mood.  And I think I’m ready for a light-hearted romance.

Either way, recommended.  I’m sure I’ll finish tomorrow or the next day.  When I do, I’ll give you a full review–should I have anything else to say…

~ Amanda




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