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Review: Tom Sawyer Abroad

So, this baby is a novella.  The thing about it is…is this a secret story?  I’ve asked a few people and no one I asked knew there were two more Tom Sawyer stories after Huck Finn.  Huck Finn is actually the narrator.  He, Tom, and Jim get kidnapped by a crazy dude who made a sort of balloon/ flying ship.  The crazy dude is planning on flying his ship around the world to prove the ship could do it.  Then, in the end, he’ll crash the ship into the ocean and kill them all.


Like the other Tom books, it’s an adventure from the POV of a young boy.  Because of their general ignorance and explanations for the world, it’s like being transported back into the mind of your childhood self.  Twain is an utterly delightful writer–I’m gonna have to gobble up the rest of his books.  Doesn’t Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court sound a little interesting?

My favorite part of this book?  It’s when they decide to go on a crusade.  Once Jim understands they’ll have to kill people, he says, they’ll have to go kill the sick family to get the practice in.  Since it’s not easy to just go about slaying people without any practice.


Sounds like a kid doesn’t it?  Of course, Jim is actually a full grown man, but his part in the story seems to be like another of the kids.  Anyhow, it feels like you’re in the mind of a child, but it was written by Mark Twain when he was in his late 50s.  And that’s freaking awesome.  It’s a nice little snack of a book.  Try it.

Do I recommend it?  Absolutely.

5 flipping stars.


UP NEXT: Tom Sawyer, Detective.  I’m just gonna finish one of these series after all since I’m in the middle of 4 older series in the guise of Tom Sawyer, Barchester Chronicles, The Scarlet Pimpernel, and Bulldog.


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