Now you know my theory about writers…

It’s this, they all seem to be pretty crazy looking.  At least the ones I heartily love.  But here’s the thing.  I’ve been working my way through P.G. Wodehouse for a while now. Jeeves is insanely funny, and the audio books are amazing.  The other day when I realized I just couldn’t do King Solomon’s Mines I realized that I had the next Jeeves book on my app.  It was a miracle.

Today out of sheer curiosity, I google imaged Wodehouse.  And look!  Just look!


You know what that dude is?  He’s normal, people.  No ‘fro.  No strange mustache that needs special grooming.  No giant wig.  No epic beard.  My theory was over.  It was destroyed.  It was kaput.

But then………..

I found this:


The man just didn’t have any hair to work with.  That’s not his fault.  But his eyes in this photo are creepy.  The way the light falls on him makes me think lipstick, and honestly don’t those eyebrows seem just a little too…painted on?  He’s just giving me the willies.  So…though I find his books amazing, my theory is restored.

Time for me to get dreads.

But if you’ve never read a Wodehouse.  Dooooo it.  He wrote in the early 1900s too, so many of his books are free on Amazon.  Check it out.  They’re hilarious.  As is Martin Jarvis reading them.



3 thoughts on “Now you know my theory about writers…”

  1. I love Woodhouse! Incredibly funny. I credit him for making me a big fan of british humor. Time to reread some.

  2. Man, I have been listening to the audio books, but I think I’ll try the Blandings Castle next. I just bought the first 1, so we’ll see. I heart Jeeves so much, though. And he’s one of the reasons I love early 1900s fiction!

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