How do you read?

A friend of mine was reading the craziest collection of books I’d seen in a while.  I finally asked her how she was finding these babies, and she told me she uses Bookbub and gets the freebies.  While I was considering that I took a quick glance over my Currently Reading list on Goodreads and realized that many of the books in my list are there because I read in different ways.

For example:

I’m reading Interworld by Neil Gaiman and Michael Reaves on my iPhone.  I read on my iPhone because I walk my dogs in the morning, and I don’t want to have to carry anything extra over the dog leashes and plastic bags and what not, but I need my phone for the clock to ensure I don’t let the dogs linger too long.  I also sometimes read on my iPhone, in the dark, during the middle of the night while also feeding SmileyPants.

I’m reading The Last Chronicle of Barset by Anthony Trollope on my audible app, so I can listen while doing the more mindless part of my job.


I’m reading Liesl and Po by Lauren Oliver in print.  It takes me a while anymore to read in print.  So thank goodness for the other options out there because what with the writing, the baby, the full time job, and the dogs.  Let alone church and other family obligations, I’m lucky to finish a book a week even a month.  But when I’m having one of my stressful moments, nothing other than a print book with the smell of fresh pages, and the sound of the page turning and the feel of the crisp paper under my fingerprints, and the smoothness and beauty of a good cover will do.


Plus Liesl and Po has art. Lovely, lovely art.

I’m also reading The Book of Mormon again.  I listen to it on CD in my car, read it on my iPhone in odd moments, sometimes I curl up with my physical copy, and sometimes I read it on my ereader during church when I’m a little bored.  Not that I’m bored in church for any reason other than I’m a brat.  But, The Book of Mormon  is the sort of book of all flavors and all moments.  I read it, most often, when I need it.  The Book of Mormon brings peace to my life in a way that’s hard to describe  which is why I will take moments here and there to just read another chapter.


Isn’t weird how the world has changed?  When I graduated from high school people only read print.  And though I’m not currently reading anything on my ereader, I’ve got one of those too and enjoy it very much.  I’m sort of spoiled in books and ways to read them aren’t I?  What a beautiful world we live in where I can read the next few pages of Interworld on my phone while waiting to check out at the grocery store or sitting in the pharmacy.



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