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Book Review: The Book Thief



I’ve been thinking, since I finished this book, how I would rate it.  How I would be able to explain my thoughts.  I don’t even have the words.  This is one of those books that affected my whole heart, my soul, everything.  I couldn’t put it down.  It made me so sad, it was devastating, and I needed it be over.  It was devastating in a way that makes you want to be something other than human.  To unassociate yourself with the species that committed the crimes described in this book.

And yet, proud, so proud.  Because, I’m also part of the species that risked everything to save just one man.  Rosa Hubberman seemed completely opposite of a woman who would hide, nurture, and love a Jew–during Nazi Germany–without her normal tirade.  It was beautiful.  Papa Hubberman was beautiful.  The Jesse Owens want-to-be was beautiful.  The successful loving foster relationship, it was beautiful.  Liesel, her deep, sweet, majestic heart.  Max, Max leaving and moving on–releasing Papa, Rosa, and Liesel from any more responsibility from him.  It was beautiful.

It was beautiful and devastating at the same time, again and again.  Markus Zusak, I don’t even have the words to tell you how much I love your book.

I am the better for having read this book.  

But like the narrator, this book reminded me that I, too, am haunted by humans.



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