So, I want to say these nice things about my Dad today.  But I’m not feeling particularly eloquent.  But, I have these thoughts about the wonderful Dad I have.

Like he’s my hero.  Like I hope that I can find someone as good as he is.  Like how he’s always there for me, and he’s a good counselor.  And his guidance has meant so much to me.  And how I think he’s amazing.  How I find that way that he had a stroke so young, overcame, and is now carrying on–years later–as his body falters….is nothing short of awe inspiring.  How there are so many times in my life when I made choices based of what would Dad do because he made so many good choices himself.  How I think that he’s a wonderful Dad (not just to myself–favorite of his children), but to all of us.

He has six kids, and we’re lucky to have him.  We’re lucky to have a Dad who never stopped supporting our mom.  We’re lucky to have a Dad who set a good example for us.  We’re lucky to have a Dad who continues to be a fighter.  We’re lucky to have OUR Dad.


We’re just so lucky–simply because he’s in our life.  Dad, I love you.



2 thoughts on “Dad”

  1. What a lovely tribute to your dad. I admire your way with words, but what I like even more, is that they always seem to portray real feelings. No over the top frills.

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