July’s TBR


This is my actual TBR list for July.  Yes, even I, am mocking it.  Oh self: bwahahahahahah.  A bookblogger I read has a constant list of over a 100 books that she just pulls from.   I think I could make one of 300.  My To Read on Goodreads is 773.  I so want to work through some of my book backlog, but honestly…the goodreads list would be even longer since that’s often books I just want to remember that I was interested in and not the books I own but haven’t read.

Anyhow, maybe you needed a good laugh?

What should also be on this list is These Lying Eyes by ME! (me, me, me, me).  Not a lot of reading being done outside of my earbuds since I am spending every waking moment home loving my baby, dogs, and finishing up my book.  I SWEAR it’s almost done.


ps  I won’t be surprised if you don’t believe me.


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