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Who is this now?

Oh that’s right me.

I’m pretty sure I’m writing this. . .





You know?



So for quick, emotionless updates.  On being a foster parent: it’s hard.  On being a daughter: it sucks to have my parents across the country.  On being a mommy: awesome.


Conflicting I know.  But that’s how you know I wrote this.  It’s a little bit crazy.

Reading updates:  I’m still in the last book of Wheel of Time.  It’s insane after 13 books, but I just haven’t finished the last one.  Dracula may have the worst cast of heroes ever and I can’t remember how it ended.  I assume Dracula died only to come back the page after “The End.”  Either way, the *heroes* were morons and the poor girls would have been better off taking that stake into their own hands and taking care of business.  I assume Joss’s rage reading this is why we now have Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  I’ve only been listening-reading rather than reading-reading which means my reading history on Goodreads is just weird.  I don’t recommend this course of action.  But it accounts for my word count lately.  Currently, I’m listening-reading to the Outlander.  So far, I think they’re all a bit irritating but possibly irritating / I’ll come to love you and never remember why I didn’t like you in the first place, but someone should really jab Frank in the throat.  Douche.

Also I read Out of Dark.  SPOILER. SPOILER. SPOILER ALERT.  Oddly, this book also had Dracula in it.  Dracula who in NO WAY WHATSOEVER resembled the Dracula of Dracula.  I would say that if you go into reading Out of Dark knowing that this is an end-of-the-world due to aliens novel ONLY the hero is Dracula you may enjoy it more.  Otherwise you’re in for a giant WTF?!?!?!?!  The spoiling of it for me is what made me read it.  I don’t regret it, but if there was a sequel, I’d probably pass.  Initially I gave it 4 stars.  Right now, after some thought, 2 stars.  It was funny immediately after.  Now I’m just like, well funny or not–there was far too much gun talk.

On writing: actually this is where I’m the most excited.  But, as much as my dreams are wrapped up in this, it’s not as deep in my heart as being a mommy.  So…most excited right at this very second, crazy a second later.  It’s how I roll.

I’m writing the sequel to These Lying Eyes right now, but have had my mind totally overtaken by some fairy tale rewrites.  The truth is writing anything but the sequel was the opposite of my plans, but then I wrote something else.  Several something else’s actually.  It wasn’t the plan.  It happened.  Amen.  


Except I get to publish two new stories in the coming months.  A novella prequel to Rapunzel and a rewrite of Snow White, Rose Red.  Don’t expect your earth to be shattered, but I had soooooo much fun writing these, and I’m excited for people to read them.  It turned, completely by accident I swear, into a series.  I also swear I will finish all the stories I publish.  So, This Betraying Flesh is coming, and I still plan to publish it this year.

The change here is that…I’m writing more.  That’s right more.  A LOT MORE.  I don’t think I’ve ever been more consistently dedicated in anything.  So these stories are not taking away from the sequel.  They’re bonuses.

Your welcome.


ps.  It’s possible there will be another update before Fall.  Don’t hold your breath, but I’m trying to be a *bit* more professional.  As evidenced by the above.  🙂  Suck it.


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