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Remember How I Said I Got Slammed By A New Story?

You know.  I was happily writing This Betraying Flesh.  Got stuck.  Accidentally wrote a novel, a novella (soon to be novel), a novella, an novella, and plotted out a whole series?  You know those slutty little ideas that steal into your mind when you’re SUPPOSED to be writing This Betraying Flesh which you’ve been fighting with for who knows how long?

So, I’m writing two interconnected series.  One that tells some fairy-tales we all know and love.  One that is set earlier in the timeline and tells the setup of those fairy tales.  The preludes if you will.  Anticipate publishing in the follow order.

Song of Sorrow, A Prequel to Rapunzel (Part 1)

Snow White, Rose Red

Untitled, A Prequel to Rapunzel (Part 2)

Beauty and the Beast

Untitled, A Prequel to Rapunzel (Part 3)


Untitled, A Prequel to Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood

Untitled Prequel

Untitled Final Novel

If it helps those of you who’ve been waiting for This Betraying Flesh.  My friend Auburn and I have recently *pinky swore* to stop effing around with other stuff, pick a project, and focus on it to the end.  For right now, that project is Song of Sorrow because it is STUPID close to being done.  This Betraying Flesh is soon to be up.  Pinky swears and all.

So all of that leads up to this…










What do you think?  I kinda love it.  Y’know.  A lot.


ps turns out writing a new story totally fixed This Betraying Flesh in my head.  So, woooo-hooooo there.



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