Curses of the Witch Queen, Preludes of the Witch Queen, These Lying Eyes, This Betraying Flesh

This is how it all went down. . . and cover reveal.

Perhaps you may have noticed that Song of Sorrow (my novella that is a prequel to Rapunzel) was published on Friday.  Here’s the cover, because I love it. Luuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeee it, if you will.



When I was on vacation at the end of November, I decided to cram in a round of NaNo.  That’s right, I wrote 50k words in 10 days.  The reason behind this madness was that I was struggling with the sequel to These Lying Eyes.


Whenever, I got stuck on This Betraying Flesh I went ahead and worked on something else.  Meaning during those days I wrote much of This Betraying Flesh, a novella about a carnival, and the beginning of a fairy tale.  Not, however, Song of Sorrow.  So….




So…….what that means, my friends, is that Snow White, Rose Red is coming soon.  Likely in May.  (Tee hee)  It’s set in the same world as Song of Sorrow, has more of the Shadow Kin, and you get to meet the Witch Queen Marana.  Oh, and I love its cover.  Did you want to see it?  Did you?  Did you?







I love it.  I hope you do too.  If you’re interested, you can buy my other books here:

These Lying Eyes


Song of Sorrow



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