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Life just keeps happening.  You know what I mean?  I intended to have published Snow White, Rose Red by  now.  I intended to have gotten a handle on several other stories including the sequel to These Lying Eyes –it’s currently titled This Betraying Flesh.  I intended to make the tots clothes fit into their dressers.


But lets be real.  I’ve never, ever, accomplished all of my New Year’s Goals or my intendeds or whatever.


That being said.

I’m not done trying yet.

The part of my life that is foster parenting is going, going, going.  I’ve added the tots’ little sister to my house which means I have house 3 kids, 2 dogs, and 1 Amanda.  The newest tot, whom I’m calling the Lamb, is adorable and sweet.  And really…what more is there to say other than I’m back to being stupidly tired.

funny mumma

My mumma and I took the tots to the beach.  

She’s silly.

She’s also my best friend.  She’s come to help me with the tots for a little bit while we get a handle on our new routine.*

Anyhoo…Snow White, Rose Red is coming.  It’ll be followed by Song of Heartbreak and This Betraying Flesh.  Both of those are sequels to my currently published stories.

I’ve also got some short stories in progress based off of a dream I had.  These will probably be the next thing you see because short stories are soooooo much easier to edit than novels.  They’re a sort of loving recognition of Scooby Doo. Me and the boy watch a lot of Scooby Doo.  His favorites are Riki Tiki Scooby and Loch Ness.  I like the alien one.  Spoiler alert: we’re totally getting Scooby action figures for the upcoming birthday.  I might be more excited for me to play with him than he’ll be to get them.  I anticipate finding real monsters, vampires, good zombies (this is a thing in the boy’s head) and a bad case of monster foot for Fred.  (Monster foot happens when you get an owie on your foot.  It turns into a monster foot with fur and big claws and you walk with a limp.  So says the boy.)


Also, I’ll be trying to keep up on this blog more.  Don’t hold your breath, but coming soon is my top 5 books of 2014 (so far).  And a review of The Discovery of Witches and MASH.  (Spoiler Alert:  MASH was effing fantastic.)


*We went to Bruce’s Candy Kitchen and Bella Espresso at Cannon Beach.  I honestly can’t remember if those scenes got cut from These Lying Eyes, but they were (at one time) featured in Mina’s story.  I might have spent a stupid amount of money on candy, gotten the mum and the boy hot chocolates and then kicked myself later for not getting me one.  Sigh.  Woe.  Best. Hot. Chocolate. EVER.  And I could write odes to Bruce’s Candy Kitchen.


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