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Review: The Discovery of Witches

This review may strike you as a little crazy and bipolar.  Get over it.  In my opinion, the book is a little bipolar.


So, I first read A Discovery of Witches because the Borders chick was like, hey, check this out.  I loved the Borders chicks.  I almost always read what they recommended.  Because of the Borders chicks, I found Donna Andrews, Christine Feehan (shut up), a serious amount of smut, and Janet Evanovich.  (In my experience, the dudes were pretty douchey.  Note the phrase, in my experience, before you get up in arms.)

Anyhow, A Discovery of Witches.  I read it and I loved it.  In fact, I even convinced my Mumma to read it.  She also loved it.  I loved the phrases from old alchemy texts.  I loved how the pieces of those alchemy texts made the words sing.  I loved the vampire in it (I have a problem with most literary vampires these days.)  I absolutely bought how protective and predatory and domineering he was.  He’s absolutely believable.  I loved the witches.  I’m not a fan of witch / vampire fiction where they aren’t equal enemies.  They should be able to smash the shit out of each other.  Same with werewolves.  I loved the fun of it.

So, when the sequel came out, I was already in the dry spell of children/ writing/ who has time to read.  **wail**


I figured then I’d have to wait for the third, re-read the first, and then carry on through.  Except, I didn’t notice when the third one came out until it came across my Goodreads feed.  Here’s the deal of Discovery of Witches, for the second time, a few years later.

Man–Matthew’s kind of a domineering a-hole, yeah?  Like to the point where I’m having a hard time not wanting to smash him AND Diana in the face.  Let alone that flat, boring, vampire mom.  Oi, get a new grudge.  Also grudges against entire species and/or races are hard to buy or forgive.  For Matthew, there’s a difference between being protective and an ass, am I right?  I’m not sure he’s ever not being an ass.  Except for when he’s secretly protecting her for the sake of protecting her.  That’s all right, I guess.  🙂

What the HELL is that witch water scene?  It’s ridiculous like the beginning of the second Twilight book.  You know where each page is just the name of a month?  September, October.  That was powerful.  That made me tear up. And if at the end of the Twilight Saga everyone, baby included, had died a horrible death, I would have been like this: Sawweeeeettt.  But, Bella!  Bella makes Diana’s emotions seem fake and weak.  Bella thought Edward was gone forever.  Whereas, Diana knows that Matthew is fine.  And he’s coming back.  And maybe he’ll break up with her.  But what’s it been?  3 weeks with slight contact?  I mean I know this love is epic and instant or whatever.  But I only know that intellectually at this point in the story.  The story hasn’t made my heart believe that.  I’m gonna have to WTF that scene.

Also the whole SPOILER time jump at the end.  Man, it works for the story, but I hate that kinda shit.

And speaking of nonsense, what’s the deal with the vampire that comes out of nowhere to kill Matthew and steal Diana and Matthew is helpless?  I mean, he’s an OLD vampire right?  Other vampires hesitate to mess with his family, and there’s maybe 2 vampires older than him in that family?  He runs the secret Knight organization that supposedly absorbed the Templars?!??! and yet this little girlie vampire, who’d been created for him to love or what-not, can kill the shit out of him and his wife?  Please.


Then again, the magic is fun, the chemistry between them (which is sometimes believable) is fun, and my current plans are still to read the second one immediately.

We’ll see.

So all that being said: 3.5 stars erring towards 4 because sometimes the words just sing.


PS Marcus in New Orleans makes me think of Vampire Diaries.


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