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July / August To Be Read

There was this one time, before I got sucked into the Wheel of Time, where I read a classic every month.  It’s time for that goal to come back.  In fact, I decided to go ahead and start with the TBRs again.  To be perfectly honest…it’s rare that I fully accomplish my goals, so we’ll see how I do with these ones.  Like with all my goals, I expect I’ll read some but not all.


One of my neglected puppies.  For your viewing pleasure.

So here’s the list:

The Elusive Pimpernel.  Third book, I think, in the Pimpernel series.  Super fun.  Also the classic.



The beautiful Marguerite.  If I recall correctly, the Pimpernel once kissed the ground where she walked.  It wasn’t my favorite part of the book.

A Memory of Light.  The final book in the Wheel of Time.  Me and the Wheel of Time had to take some time off.  It was irritating the shiz out of me.  But how could I not read the 14th book of a series I’ve been reading for…possibly forever?  And I also love huge pieces of it.


Also for your viewing pleasure.

The Book of Life.  The end of a trilogy.  There’s witches and vampires and time slipping (not my favorite).  We’ll see.  It’s super bulky but also super fun.

Daughter of Smoke and Bone.  One of my favorite books of a year or two ago.  The trilogy is done now, and I’m re-reading the first and then adding books 2 & 3 which are: Days of Blood and Starlight and Dreams of Gods & Monsters.  

daughter of smoke and bone

I also plan on re-reading whatever Jane Austen book that is chosen by TheBookRat for Austen in August.  The good news is that she did Mansfield Park last year, so that one I like the least isn’t on the table.

Also on my radar but may not happen:

Monster Hunter International and These Lying Eyes.


Why yes that is my own book.  I’m writing the sequel and want to make sure that all the questions I intended to answer this time around are, in fact, answered.  Does it seem insane that I need to re-read my own book?  I suppose so.  What’s that irritating phrase again?  Mom-Brain?


PS The neighborhood kids just came to tattle on Boyo (who is 3) was “being mean” to them.  There’s this part of me that wants to flick the shiz out of them.  If I didn’t already hate their parents, I might have had given them some crap.  But I recently took the bitch quiz on Facebook, I had to answer that I’d once “bitched” out a kid.  I figure I’m better than that now.

PPS They also tried to get him in trouble for stepping on Smiley.  She didn’t make a squeak, I assume because the 1-year-old is the toughest of them all.  Or they’re terrible liars.

I said, “Okay,” and then shut the door in their faces.

PPPS: Random facts.  This month I bought a My Little Pony purse, and the newest member of my house, the baby whom I have named The Lamb is quite the farter.  Like all the time.  Despite that, she’s also very close to sleeping through the night, so she’s now my favorite child.


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