Hurray! Celebration! Woot! Hurrah!


It’s done.  It’s out!  It’s available!  It’s so freaking fun!  You can get it here!


I LOVE this book, this world, the ladies I wrote with in Kendawyn.  I love it all.  LOVE it.  Luuuurrrrve it.

Isn’t that cover pretty?  Isn’t it?  It is.. It’s okay.  You don’t have to tell me.  I know it is. Tee hee.

goodbye-love-kendawyn-1_edited-1Look at this one!  Auburn Seal wrote it.  I’m so excited.  I think you’ll love it!  You can get it here!

Hurray!  It’s a party.  It’s a party in my blog and in my head.  Let’s all put on party hats!

party dog

Except I’m not gonna put on the hat.  I’m gonna be the Princess of Power instead!


imma go ahead and get on my flying horse with my weird ass tiara and fly a time or two around a rainbow.  Or whatever!  It’s a party.  I do what I want!

I hope you love Compelled!  For those of you that found The Destruction of Prince Xavier dark, (I’m looking at you Jill, my love.) I think you’ll like this one.



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