I totally wrote a blog post out and then lost it.  Sigh and alas.

kitty reading

It was about reading.

And writing.


It wasn’t about squirrels.  Not even this one:

squirrel 6

In other news, my baby girl turned two.  She’s a stink.

She’s also spoiled.


We’re having a Frozen themed birthday party because my baby’s first passion is Elsa!  Anna!  Her few words include those two.

All three of my babies are, btws, spoiled.  It’s how I roll.

So…I’m reading The Life of Pi.  It’s my book a friend recommended for the Popsugar challenge.  I plan on reading more Steinbeck books.  I might actually re-read The Grapes of Wrath soon.  But, next, it’s The Pearl for me.  My friend recommended it to me–she’s read them all.

And as far as my writing is going, my Snow White is feeling more and more finished and should be out in March.  I’m working on the sequels to Song of Sorrow, Snow White, and Compelled by Love.  ❤  The sequels are titled Song of Loss, Rose Red, and Bewildered by Love.  I’m also working on a cozy mystery about witches who are *terrible* at magic.  And also lazy.  Being suspected of murder really fouls their nap schedule.  (I’m writing this with Auburn Seal who also wrote Goodbye Love in the same world as Compelled by Love.)


Compelled by Love is doing well for me sales wise.  Here’s hoping that each subsequent book will do better than the one before it.  I think the reason it’s doing well is because 1) that cover is awesome and 2) I let it be what it was… which was a fun little romance story which was supposed to be and allowed to be only that.  I might love it.  I’m pretty sure I do.  Okay, okay–I love it.  ❤ ❤ ❤


❤ Amanda

PS–on Valentine’s Day, I went with a friend to Pine State Biscuits.  It was freaking delish.  Here’s a little view.

The Reggie at Pine State Biscuits

If you’re in Portland and you’ve never gone… GO!


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