Has anyone else been sucked into a vortex lately?

Because Holy Impending Vortex, Batman!


Also, have you noticed that it’s MAY next week?  May!  Come back, 2015!  I’m not ready for so much of you to be gone yet!


Come freaking back!


So…as per usual, life is INSANE.  That’s just the side effect of being a working single mom who also writes.  We’re all healthy again.  FINALLY.  And I’m getting back into my writing routine.  There is something about success in reaching your goals that keeps them going.  And something about having them crash down to a burning pile of cinders that makes it hard to restart.  I’m in the restart mode from the illnesses and then general laziness.  But a general update:

Bewildered by Love will be released within a week or two.  Cover still needed.  To do #1.

Snow White is in the rewrites stage.  I need to get focused there.  Given that it is, possibly, my sixth major rewrite of this book.  I am having a difficult time turning my mind back to it.  Even though I *know* that I will love it when I get back into it. I can’t explain how my mind works.  It just works that way. To do #7.

Convenient Murder is at the grammar editor and should be out in May.  Probably towards the end given that other works are coming first (ie Bewildered by Love and Maya Vanishing by Auburn Seal).


Next up, after I finish the edits, is either Rose Red or Decided Upon Love.  Whichever of the two comes first the other will follow.

Rose Red is set during the same time period of Snow White and tells of Rose’s adventures in a Shadow World.  What nightmares can you face in a world that is not quite real?

Decided Upon Love is the story of Oliver and Venetia and brings back our friends from Compelled by Love–Hugh and Phoebe.  Oliver has decided to find his love.  When Phoebe suggest her long-time friend, Venetia, Oliver is amazed to find that despite being titled, handsome, well-connected, and rich, Venetia does not just fall into his arms.

…..you know?  Or something like that……

From there…the list is long and I’ve sworn.  Pinky-squirrel-sworn to focus on the Works-In-Progress and not write something soon.  Which likes means the sequel to Snow/ Rose.  Or the sequel to Song of Sorrow.

squirrel 2Squirrel promises are shifty little bastards.

Anyhoosen.  The writing will continue.  Sequels to Convenient Murder are impending because it is STOOOOOPID fun to write with Auburn Seal.  And I love our crazy witches, Ingrid and Emily just so much.


Reading also continues.  I finished Catch-22, started Slaughterhouse Five–decided to set it aside, and read much of Larry Correia.  I’m currently reading the Monster Hunter books.  I already read the Grimnoir books.  I highly recommend the Grimnoir.  The first of the Monster Hunter’s is fun but doesn’t have that same zing.  I barely started the 2nd one, so I can’t speak to it yet. They’ve only killed a few things so far.  I should read a classic but so far, I finished Catch-22 on April 1, so it slides into my classic a month goal.  *evil cackles*



1 thought on “Has anyone else been sucked into a vortex lately?”

  1. You should really consider “Disputed Passage” by Lloyd Douglas. As I have been reading this I have been thinking that you would really love it. He has a way with words that really engages you.

    For example:
    The weather was unseasonably sultry, and the air in Dr Milton (Tubby) Forrester’s lecture-arena lay as inert and stale as the cadavers in the grim old anatomical laboratory adjoining.

    The ordinary, run-of-the-mine medical matriculate did not pause to reflect that he might be better off in a school where mediocrity was treated with more patience. The big thing was to earn a diploma bearing Tubby’s distinguished autograph. Even a very small and useless spoon achieved some dignity if the word “Sterling” was stamped on its handle.

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