Here are some truths about Bewildered by Love and the other Kendawyn titles

1)  The title of Bewildered by Love makes me laugh almost as much as Compelled by Love.  I’m not sure why.  A broken sense of humor perhaps.


2)  I started writing Bewildered by Love before Compelled by Love.  Got frustrated with a portion of it, set it aside, and wrote Compelled by Love in three days before returning to Bewildered by Love.  Are you confused by the “by Loves” yet? (My friend and I played a game today where we made lots of “by Love” titles.  My favorite was The Possibilities of Love.  It’s possible I’ll write that story based on the title.)

3)  When I returned to Bewildered by Love, I loved writing it.  And couldn’t figure out why I had gotten so frustrated.

4)  My biggest irritation about returning to Bewildered by Love was the timing of the story.  I wanted to put more of Hugh and Alice from Compelled by Love in there, but it didn’t work timeline wise.

5).  Bewildered and Compelled are set in Kendawn which is an alternate, magical version of Regency England created by myself, Auburn Seal and Pamela Welsh.  They are also writing stories based in Kendawyn.


6.)  Auburn Seal designed the covers.  She’s dang talented!

7.)  Coming soon in Kendawyn is Mystified by Love by Pamela Welsh.  It’ll be super fun!

8.)  Sometimes I forget my characters names.  When writing the synopsis for Bewildered by Love, I had to look up the main character’s last name.  Naming characters and places is the hardest part of writing for me.  Except when I named Arathe-by-the-Sea which is based on real life Bath, England.  It’s possible that name is dumb, but it makes me happy, so I don’t care.

9.)  My first audiobook will be Compelled by Love which was read by Caprisha Page who also read Goodbye Love and that one is available now.

10.)  Bewildered by Love is available now.  It is the first sequel I’ve published, and I love it.  I hope you do too!  You can buy it here.



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