Kendawyn Paranormal Regency

I have read a lot of regencies.  Like a LOT.  I have read the dirty ones.  I have read the clean ones.  I read the Jane Austen’s about 4 million times.  I read the contemporaries of Jane Austen.  I read the authors she liked which are technically not Regencies.  I read the Bronte’s wishing they were more Austen’s (also not Regencies).  I read all the Heyer’s (IMO the best natural successor to Austen).  I took the class in college.  What I’m saying here–is that I’m a fan of Regencies.  I don’t care that there’s a case to be said that this is some sort of unified fantasy land rather than real history.  It’s cool.  I’m cool with that.  I like them all the same.


So, it turns out that writing Kendawyn Paranormal Regency books, for me, is STUPID fun.  Like for realizes.  🙂  Each one is a joy to write. I have so much fun.  Possibly I’m repeating myself.

I intend on continuing to play in that world–these books are like the slutty little distractions from my main focus.  They’re the cookies to my pot roast, if that makes any sense.  Writing the fairy tale–it’s been a bit of a challenge.  New magic, new world, my own myths, doing a major rewrite about 6 times.  I think I said I was publishing Snow White this time last year.  That didn’t happen.  Instead I’ve rewritten it so much, it’s painful (I’m enjoying the current rewrite.  Possibly because I know it’s likely the last one.)

For my slutty little books though, I made some choices in the newest of the Kendawyns because 1) I kind of missed Hugh and Alice from Compelled by Love 2)  My friend Ana wanted more about that couple, and that’s an easy enough thing to do for your friend.  3)  When the story started to come about, it was so much fun that sometimes I cheat on Snow White with the new one.

The final title is Persuaded to Love (rather than the “Decided” possibilities).  But it has a co-story of Humbled by Love.  Because I’m exited about them, here are the covers:



These are playful stories.  None of the Kendawyns are dramatic, literary fiction.  They’re not supposed to be.  But these are a bit more playful than Compelled by Love and Bewildered by Love.  It’s possible that the female protagonists in the stories–Venetia and Antigone are rebellious, torturing minxes who don’t see Lord Stanwullf and Rhys, Duke of Wolfmuir as the catches they know themselves to be.  Think more along the lines of Taming of the Shrew than Romeo and Juliet and remove all of the incredible power of Shakespeare’s language and you have my two fun little stories.

Here is the cover lineup for my Kendawyns (Auburn’s is at the end because…why not? Pamela’s, it turns out I don’t have.  But, trust me, it’s pretty.)






Aren’t they pretty??!?!?!?

If things continue to go swimmingly, Persuaded to Love will be out in early Summer and Humbled by Love will be out late Summer/ early Fall.

Writing is gloriously fun, btws.

Compelled by Love can be purchased by clicking HERE.

Bewildered by Love can be purchased HERE.


ps–currently listening to my own audio book–Compelled by Love and also Furies of Calderon by Jim Butcher.  The Butcher falls into the Popsugar challenge as a book your friend recommended.  Possibly this one has been recommended to me about a half dozen million times. Or so.


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