And it’s off………


I can’t even tell you how excited I am to have turned this back over to my capable editor.  She’s lovely.  I love her.  I love the editorial letter she wrote me for Snow White and I super-love the new version of Snow.

Snow White has long since been one of my favorite fairy tales.  For no particular reason.  But I love it and I love her and I love the many stories that have been told around her.  Which is why, perhaps, I opened up a blank page and wrote the words, “Snow White…”  I really love my version of Snow White.  I love the world in which it has been set, the Kingdom of Pareon.  The forest of the Magdanian.  I love the horrors of the Mannix and the things that are happening in the distant Empire of Greyvon.  I love the Shadow Kin and the Witch Queen, and the way magic works.  This world has become something that has blossomed far beyond the story of Snow White.

Many of my stories come from dreams that I have.  I am blessed to have epic, cinematic dreams.  And though Snow White is not one of these stories–some of my epic dreams fit so well in this world that I anticipate playing in this world until I stop writing.  I hope that will be the day after my death.  🙂

Fun fact:  though Snow White did not come from a dream, I did have a dream set in this world.  It happened at the cottage where Snow lives with her sister, Rose Red.


The next story in this world (not including the sequels to Song of Sorrow) will be Rose Red.  Rose’s story occurs at the same time as Snows and will end at the same time.  I am super excited to turn my mind to Rose.  She has a draft of 15,000 words from when the novel was Snow White, Rose Red.  I also have a list of things to add to Rose that I thought of (and forced myself to merely list) when I was rewriting Snow White.  Rose is gentler and wiser than Snow.  She’s older, and she’s taken on the burden of raising and protecting her little sister.

Snow White’s story begins with guilt and immaturity.  These are not burdens that Rose Red carries. But her love for her sister, like Snow’s love for Rose, will drive her journey and her choices.

❤ Amanda


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