Morbid thoughts…

So at the end of The Raven Boys…





The friends are digging a grave together.  This part of the book totally made me tear up–which is not what you’d think would happen.  But there you have it.  Maggie Stiefvater is brilliant.  But, as I finished the book yet again–I was driving home.  And was, therefore, STUCK YET AGAIN IN THE ABYSS AND HORROR OF PORTLAND TRAFFIC.


Anyhoosen, so, I was thinking about the ending of Raven Boys and I was tearing up and then laughing at myself for tearing up.  And…I was pondering the type of friend you would, unreservedly dig a grave with.

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I mean–if you killed someone and weren’t going to turn yourself in–which of your friends would you call?  Obviously real-life you would 1) never kill anyone and 2) turn yourself in if there was a terrible accident.  But we’re not talking about real-life you.  We’re talking about the if-then version of you that lives in the fictional world.  The same you that gets your Hogwarts Letter and changes into a clever little fox during the full-moon and can fly.  That you.

Who would they call?

It’s possible I have a list going in my head of who I’d call.  It’s a terrible risk.  Make the wrong choice and you’re doubly screwed.

Anyhoo–idle, morbid thoughts by Amanda.


ps I am rocking the Popsugar Book Challenge and expect to be done in the next month or so.  I’m currently reading Madame Bovary and planning to start tomorrow Wayward by Blake Crouch.  I hear that one got turned into a T.V. Show.  Should be a trip if you see it and they follow the plot of the first one.


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