Popsugar Book Challenge update:

I have six books left to go.  Out of 52….last year I might have read 50 books.  The lowest of my life since I could read, I am sure.


Which is surprising.  And I find that this random book challenge was something that I have utterly and completely enjoyed.  I found books that were simply delightful.  I found an author that I adore (Larry Correia).  I read books that I have intended to read for quite sometime.  I have completely stretched this year with my tastes.  I absolutely loved Grapes of Wrath and everything else I’ve touched by Steinbeck.


Which is to say….I’ve made my own, similar, book challenge.  I’ll list it below.  I don’t have the goal of finishing it by the end of the year.  It’s longer than the first book challenge.  It’s simply to keep me stretching with my reading.  I still intend to keep reading a classic a month.  Even though I missed May.  What I’m saying is that, for now, I’ll be reading off of a random, arbitrary list of books for the fun of it.  I can’t tell you why I enjoy it other than I’m a freak.  But here is my new list:

Amanda’s Popsugar Book Challenge

A Book with a Title that Makes You Smile:

Reread the first book you can remember reading:

Read your first “favorite” book:

Finish a series or trilogy that you have started and never finished:

A Murder Mystery:

A book with a mouse:

A friend’s favorite book:

A book with an appealing title:

A book set in a fantasy land:

A book set in Egypt:

A book about something that interests you but you wouldn’t normally read:

A book with a protagonist that has your same first name:

A book from your teenage years:

A book you remember distinctly from your childhood or you read over and over again:

Reread your very favorite book:

Read a book based on a myth or fairy-tale:

Read a pulp novel:

A classic horror novel:

A book that’s been on your to read list for a while:

Read a fatty classic novel:

Read a book you feel you should:

Read a classic novel from another country or culture:

Read a book set in a piece of history that interests you:

Read another Pulitzer Prize winner:

Read a Newberry Award or Honor book:

Read a Hugo Award Winning Book:

Read a book that makes you smile:

Read a Coming of Age Book:

Read a book you think will be difficult to read:

Read a modern classic:

Read a classic children’s book you didn’t read as a child:

Read a classic science fiction novel:

A book set in the 1910s:

A book set in the 1920s:

A book set in the 1930s:

A book set in the 1940s:

A book set in the 1950s:

A book set in the 1960s:

A book set in the 1970s:

A book set in the 1980s:

A book set in the 1990s:

A book about space:

A ghost story:

Read a gothic story:

Read a “chick-lit” book:

Read a book and then watch the movie:

Read a cheeseball SCI-FI novel:

Read a Memoir:

Read a Nonfiction Book:

Read an End of Days Book:

Read an ancient classic:

Read a cheesy adventure book:

A vampire book:
A spy book:

A pirate book:

A romance novel:

A fantasy novel:

A full series:

A trilogy:

Something unexpected:

An American classic:

A British Classic:

An Asian Classic:

A piece of old pulp:

An old mystery novel:

A children’s book:

A Young Adult Book:

A book with a female protagonist:

A book with a male protagonist:

A book with a child protagonist:

A book with an elderly protagonist:

Something massive:

Something whimsical:

Something scary:

Something sad:

Something fanciful:

Something happy:

squirrel 2

Anyhoo, I’ll be reading this while I finish up the first challenge.  I’m reading Madame Bovary currently.  I plan on throwing in, perhaps, Don Quixote and the last of the Wheel of Time.  So, those will take forever to make myself plow through.


ps Frozen Fever can now be pre-ordered.  Hallelujah.  Though Teen Titans have come to my house to the enjoyment of us all.



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