The Girl With All the Gifts

I listened to this audio book over the last couple of days.  These are the things I will tell you.


1.)  I liked it.


That is all.

It qualifies as the “something unexpected” on my own personal pop sugar book challenge.  Telling you anything else could ruin it.  So we’re done here.

Also, this blog post is me avoiding writing.  It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve written and a good month and half since I’ve been able to really, really dig in.  Which is entirely frustrating to me.  The problem is:  Every Single Time I have to “go back” to writing, it’s a challenge.  It’s like starting a new research paper for that college class where the blank page stares at you so long it has it has its own personal force.  That force is staring at me right now.  Mocking me.


It has a mean, nasty chuckle and that blank page is doing it right now.  I’m about 15k words into Persuaded to Love and another 15k or so into Rose Red.  Probably more on Rose.  And yet, here I am…staring into that (not) blank but evil page which is mocking me.

squirrel 3

What’s even stupider:  I know that if I just read through those books I have partially written and gloss them up along the way….I’ll be totally back into my groove.  What’s stupider than that…I have given myself this goal of getting both of those to my editor by the end of August.  Something I know I can do.  But not if that evil, mocking, rude, nasty, ever-present blank page wins.



The end.


ps I have no idea what I’m going to read next.  I’m still partially though the Old Testament for the “book my mom loves” and Madame Bovary for the “book originally written in another language.”  Also we’re still working on Tiny Titans Volume 1 for the “graphic novel.”  I have about 3 more on the original pop sugar book challenge, but they’re all ones that are better digested in smaller chunks.  I think it’s like….a book you never finished (aka didn’t want to finish).  A book that’s more than 100 years old (not really a  problem but I don’t want to double up on classics, so Madame Bovary has to go first.  I can’t remember what else….but a couple of things that aren’t as fun.


2 thoughts on “The Girl With All the Gifts”

  1. I listened/read The Girl With All the Gifts a few months ago. I liked it too. It was unexpected and unpredictable.

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