Rage bucket and other such nonsensical things…

Imaginext is is a big deal at our house.  My kids LOVE the figures.  They play with them 80% of the time they play.  They tuck them into their pockets.  They bring them in the car for a drive.   We have, no joke, a basket full of them.


Here’s the problem.  I have 1 son and 2 daughters.

Look at that picture above.  Where is the girl?  Now, my daughter LOVES Batman.  So, she hasn’t noticed yet that the girls are severely lacking.  Except Wonder Woman, here they are:

Imaginext  Gotham Girls

Well what is that you see there? Oh…villains?  Cat Woman is, I suppose, perhaps an anti-hero.  Or an occasional villain. This isn’t a new rant for me.  What set me off this time?  The newest female addition to the DC lineup:

Imaginext Cheetah

Do you not recognize her?  Oh that’s because she’s a totally obscure villain.  Other than seeing her in the Justice League cartoon before I yanked it from my kids, I didn’t know who she was.  So…I wiki’d her.  Apparently she’s the arch-nemesis of Wonder Woman.

Where is Batgirl?  Where is Supergirl?  I would buy the SHIZ out of those!  Now lets be clear– my son plays with boys and girls.  My daughters play with girls and boys.  No one cares about the sex of the character.  But I care that the heroes my daughters and son would love are not available to them.  Here are some suggestions I found in 4.2 seconds of googling:

Black Canary
Lois Lane
Lady Frankenstein
Wonder Girl
Mary Marvel
Liberty Belle
Bumblee Bee
Fire and Ice
Supergirl (OBVIOUSLY)

Come one Fisher Price.  If you can make obscure female villains, surely you can make the heroes we actually know and love?




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