Moonlight Murder

Here’s the thing about writing a book.  It is super fun, horrible, super fun, terrible, fun, okay.  So frustrating.  Something that keeps you up at night.  Something that makes you do your dishes just so you don’t have to stare at that scene again.  Except…

Except this one:

moonlight murder

Writing with that Jezebel, Auburn Seal, is truly fun.  This story grew out of the joke of who’d you call to help you bury a body.  Ingrid and Emily are as lazy as I wish I could be–even when they’re trying to avoid murder charges.  In this story:

Emily and Ingrid are determined to master only enough magic to get by, but a moonlight ritual goes terribly wrong and they find themselves at the center of yet another murder investigation on Sage Island.

To prevent more murders–their own–they put on their big girl witch panties, arm themselves with truth serum and coffee, and break into a home or two.

Accompanied by unwanted ghosts, magic they can barely use, and a determination to hide their incompetence they attempt to survive yet another murder.

Perhaps they shouldn’t have so much fun when they’re facing jail time. But they do!

If you want to read an absolutely frivolous story about two people who find themselves burying a body in the woods and the hi-jinx that follow, this might be the story for you.  Not only is it up for pre-order, but the third book in the series should be out in December as well!  Click here to get your copy.  For the first book in this series, click here.


ps–I’m not reading anything right now!  But I’m writing a lot and wrapping up several stories.  I expect that I’ll get out Snow White this year (FINALLY), Persuaded to Love (the 3rd Kendawyn adventure), Bewitched Murder (the 3rd Inept Witches), but possibly also a new book, Haunted Alice (which is almost as crazy as me!).  This is not nearly as insane as it sounds as 1/2 of this has been done forever and just needs to be finished up.



Covers for Bewitched Murder and Haunted Alice coming sometime…before they get published.  🙂


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