Things…news, events, memories, etc.

Three years ago on Tuesday, I published my first book.

LyingEyes_CVR_LRGWhen I look back at what I’ve accomplished since then, I am pretty dang impressed with myself.

But lets talk about what’s important.  Spiders.



As in the giant house spider.  Something like this fellow:


One of these evil little … um… things.  Well it CRAWLED across my desk on Tuesday.  Mere inches from my HAND.  From.  My.  Hand!

1)  I did not scream.  2)  I was forced to recruit someone else to kill it.  I am not ashamed of this.  It took me about 10 people to find someone to get rid of it.  3)  There is only one thing to be done.

Clearly, I must leave my job.

Nothing else can be done.  There could be a colony of them underneath my desk.  They may be currently planning to attack and embed themselves right into my flesh.  Nothing else, whatsoever, can be done.  I have to leave.  But in all seriousness, yes.  That’s right.  I am leaving my job of 16 years to be a full-time mommy and writer-from-home.  Today, I gave my leave.  I’m giving myself a year to slow down this crazy train and give my books a big push.  I don’t know what will happen but I’m grateful to be in a position to take a break and catch my breath and do things like snuggle my kids a little more and not lose it when my kids (inevitably) wake me every single night.  Currently daughter #2 wakes every morning at 4:00am.  Every. Single. Morning.  Then son #2 wakes at 5:00am.  I think it’s pretty obvious that they’re plotting against me and my job.

But not any more.  I have set *very* high goals and will be working hard in the coming year in order to make this year the first of many.  But, regardless of what happens, I’ll appreciate the chance to be only a member of the Allen Family Team and my only requirements be hugs for each of my babes and seeing to their health and happiness first and foremost.

Aren’t I so blessed?


ps, If anyone cares about what I’m reading, currently I’m re-listening to the Harry Potter audio books.




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