Why hellllooooo theerrrreee…..


Look at this pretty, pretty thing!  It’s the fifth book (novella really) in my Rue Hallow series.  This book is huge in so many ways.  I decided last year that I needed to get a series to 5-7 books.  January brings the 6th Rue Hallow book, Fated Graves.  In February, you’ll be seeing the 7th Rue Hallow which is called Rubies and Graves.  I am stupid proud of myself for getting to this point.

When I started writing this series, I didn’t know it would be the one where I could keep going and going.  I knew with some other books that I wanted them to be longer than they currently are (I’m getting there).  With this one, I thought–oh, sort of Inept Witches but college.  That could be sooooo fun.  I had no real plans beyond that.  And when I imagined it up, I intended so many different things for the series.  I intended it to be more whimsically fun like Inept Witches, but the truth is Rue Hallow is not Ingrid and Emily and expecting her book to feel the same or act the same was silly.

But what was more fun was learning that a character had her own way of being that was outside of me as the author.  I had experienced before but never as strongly as with these books and this character.

I am so proud of this book and the book that comes before it, Sisters and Graves.  That particular novel was one of the purest stories to itself.  It really told its own story and just dragged me along for the ride.

Either way, today I publish the 5th book and start a new one and it’s a happy day!  You could purchase Yule Graves here or Sisters and Graves here.




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