I can’t even…one massive update…

…last year (I think) I wrote a blog post about how I didn’t see how it could even be 2016.  I ditto that now.  I don’t know how it’s 2017.  I don’t know how so much time has passed since my last blog post, and the truth is epic stuff is happening.  My life feels like an endless to-do list that keeps getting longer even though I am scratching things off right and left.

  1.  The adoption of my littlest has begun.  Which is a blessing because fostering a child sucks the big one.  It sucks it hard.  When you love a child and the state can just come get them and you have ZERO legal rights, you do things like develop anxiety issues.  I didn’t really think we’d get this far, this fast, and now that we’re here, it’s sort of shocking and surreal.2017-03-19 18.40.06This is my littlest.  What you are seeing here is the beginning of an epic tantrum.  Which is probably why I’ve been so ridiculously out of touch lately.  It’s so easy to point the finger at this little person.  He has issues.  Those issues are SUPER hard.  And sometimes, despite adoring him, being his mom also sucks.  Thankfully he makes up for these moments with streaks of super cute, super smart, super clever, super adorableness.  His existence in my life–learning how to handle him and be his Mumma–took up all of the final shreds of whatever free time a single mom of 4 kids has.  He also taught me to plug my ear with my own arm fat while he has those epic, middle of the night, tantrums.  I mean…you needed to know that right?  Telling you that wasn’t weird at all.  Right?  Right.  K, whatever.
  2. I have been writing my pants off.  In the last year, I published books I didn’t even get around to blogging about.  In fact, FYI, another Inept Witches book has come out.  It’s called Murder By Degrees and it is putting a little pause on Ingrid and her story while leaving her in a good place.  In the last year, I’ve never been more serious about being a writer as a full-time living.  When I publish the book I’m telling you about next, I will have written 20 books (two will be coming out at once, but I’m only telling you officially about one since I have yet to name the second.)  Final Murder By Degrees
  3. I’ve started to realize–because sometimes I’m too stubborn to learn and need to be knocked about the head–that I have to be smarter about how I publish.  Which is why I am starting a new series.  I think you’ll like it. I like it.  In fact, I like it a whole lot.  It came easily.  It was like it had grown inside my head and I didn’t even know it as there.  Scarlett–my newest protagonist–WANTED to be in the world, and her story was the easiest I’ve ever written.  Here is the NOT-FINAL cover.  But it will be close to this, and I think it’s super, super cute.  Bedtime-and-Broomsticks_Amanda2The book is fully drafted and in the editing phase.  Because I’m a weirdo, I half-edit, half-draft as soon as I pass what feels like the first 1/3 of the book.  So even though I just finished the draft today, I also am about halfway through the 2nd draft of the book.  Bedtimes will be going out for some solid feedback within the week, and I hope to see it for sale soon.
  4. So, with all of the above, I’m trying to be a lot smarter about how and what I do as a writer (and a mom).  I have much of my summer’s worth of writing planned out.  But outside of the coming duo of books and the major adoption event, EVERY other part of my life is up in the air.  I feel sort of like a first-time skydiver who is praying their shoot deploys.  Which sounds so much dire than my life is.  I am working really hard to improve the life of myself and my kids.  They mean everything to me, and there is nothing I wouldn’t do to keep them healthy and happy.

Here’s the reality, though, outside of bullet points and plans and lists and to-dos and paperwork, the day to day of my life is wonderful.  I often get told because my kids are foster care adopted that I am somehow wonderful.  This is BULLCRAP.  I am lucky, so lucky, to be their mother.  I am lucky, so lucky, to be part of their lives.  To be the recipient of their stories.  To be the one they see as a rockstar and run to.  To be the one that they curl up next to.  To be the one who holds their hands as they fall asleep.  And outside of being a mother, I am so lucky, so happy, so grateful to be pursuing my dream of being a writer.  I might be working hard and partaking of far, far too much caffeine, but I am also loving writing.  When I wrote Bedtimes and Broomsticks, there were so many mornings where I woke with the next piece of the story in my head.  I was excited, anxious even, to sit down and work.  Who gets to say that?

So yeah, you’ll be seeing a lot of stories from me in the coming months.  I’ll be launching those stories in different ways.  I’ll be experimenting with genre, with co-writers, with whatever it takes.  Because this life of mine is a good life, and I’m grateful to have it.



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